Mastopexy or breast lift surgery


Mastopexy or the breast lift surgery (mammary lift) has the purpose to improve the appearance and shape of the flattened down and sagging breasts.

Mastopexy is the surgery which addresses to the patients with breasts which are left without volume after pregnancy, weight loss or aging, which have skin excess or have lost the initial position.
Mastopexy can re-establish breast firmness and can correct their position without increasing or decreasing size; it can also re-position and decrease the areola (the coloured area around the nipple).

There is no physical exercise and medical treatment which can solve mammary ptosis, the only solution is the surgical one.

In our clinic we do not use drains or sutures which have to be extracted.

The post-operative complications are the regular ones in breast surgery: hematoma, dehiscence, seroma, and difficult cicatrisation.

Several types of breast lifts are performed in our clinic:

  • Periareolar – the scar is situated in the area of difference of colour between the areola and the skin and is extremely little visible. This technique is recommended to the patients with minor breast ptosis.
  • Circumvertical – a circumareolar and vertical scar from the areola up to the submammary fold. It is the most used technique with stable results over time.
  • Inverted-T scar – is applied only in special cases and, compared to the circumvertical scar, also has a horizontal scar in the submammary fold. It is recommended in the cases of IV degree mammary ptoses when the skin excess is very large.
  • Multiplan technique – the scar is the same as in the breast implant technique and represents an internal change of the position of the breast by using an anatomic implant Allergan 410 for stabilization.


The surgery is complex but safe, the post-operative results are spectacular starting with the first day after surgery.

The most important issue of breast surgery must not be forgotten: IT IS THE SHAPE THAT MATTERS, NOT THE SIZE!

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