Liposuction or Liposculpture

Liposuction or Liposculpture is the surgical technique through which unwanted fat deposits are surgically extracted.

It must be understood the fact that this surgery does not replace the classic weight loss diet or workout and is only an adjuvant in the weight loss process. The patients who address to this intervention must have a normal lifestyle which combines: a correct diet and physical exercise.
After liposuction it will not be noticed a big weight loss, but an essential change of the figure. The results of liposuction are stable over time, but of a major importance is the quality of the tegument which must have tonicity for a good retraction.
The surgery is carried out under general or epidural anaesthesia, before surgery the areas to be aspirated are marked and they are intraoperatively injected with infiltration solution which allows an easier aspiration of fat. The fat is extracted with the help of some blunt-type cannulas of various sizes to prevent bleeding. They are introduced under the tegument through some 2-3 millimeter incisions which do not need sutures. The cannula is attached to a high power surgical vacuum device which is capable of a negative pressure of up to an atmosphere (aspiration rate of 50 air litres/minute). Immediately after surgery you will wear a corset-bustier depending on the aspirated areas, which must be worn for approximately 45 days.
The post-operative admission lasts 24 hours whilst you receive antibiotic treatment and ice pack applications. The post-operative pain is bearable, equivalent to “muscle fever” for which you will receive analgesic medication.

Post-surgical indications:

-Wearing the corset-bustier for 45 days
-Going back to activity as fast as possible to prevent deep thrombosis and emboly
– Avoiding physical effort for 45 days
– Avoiding the Hyper-Sodium diet (salt, pickles, telemea cheese) for a faster absorbtion of the edemas.
– 7-day drug treatment
-Comes back for check-ups and bandaging after 3-7-30 days, 3 and 6 months
– Massage and endermologie treatments after 30 days.

Risks and Complications:

-Ecchymoses (bruises) – may occur especially at persons with excessive sensitivity in this sense, they disappear in 5-12 days
-Haematoma – a collection of blood under the tegument which requires evacuation by punctioning – it is extremely rare and may occur at persons who have coagulation problems or following post-operative traumas (hits)
-Tegmental irregularities – may occur at persons who do not follow post-operative indications, that is wearing the corset; they disappear through massage and tonification of the area through endermologie methods.

The most important thing: Liposuction is not a weight loss diet, it is a body remodeling method!