Estet -X Implants Catalogue

Implants used in Estet -X - Plastic and Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

In our clinic we only use the latest implants with cohesive gel:  Motiva and Mentor

This type of implant is guaranteed for life as a medical product, but that does not mean that surgery is a result for “lifetime” because of the physiological process of aging.

The new range of implants have advantages of perfect gel filling, which allows for keeping the volume in the upper pole of the breast

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All Mentor breast implants contain silicone cohesive gel whose filler is three types: Cohesive I (standard), Cohesive II (moderate), Cohesive III (highest) .

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Breast Surgery

Do not forget that the choice of the surgeon is an important step towards getting the desired result. The doctor – patient relationship is essential in any surgical intervention and all the more so as for an aesthetic surgery.

The surgeon must have the capacity to understand correctly the patient’s problems and expectations, to choose the appropriate intervention for each patient by considering the benefits of the surgery and its risks and limits and by adapting each surgical procedure to the individual particularities of each patient.

Over 500 cases representing patients for breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. Some examples below: