Vistabel®/Botox® is the first and only for the treatment of the glabellar wrinkles


Botox®/Vistabel® is the brand of the Allergan INC in the United States.

There are several types of botulinum toxins, but the only one used in aesthetic and plastic surgery is the type A. FDA (Food and Drug Administration, a control agency of drugs on the American market) approved the use of botox® injections in the treatment of moderate and severe facial wrinkles in April 2002. According to ASPS (the American Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery), over 1,6 millions of Americans have used this procedure. The treatment has not been approved only in the USA, but also in other 70 countries all over the world.

At present Vistabel®/Botox® is the first and only product (of the botulinium toxin type) for the treatment of the glabellar wrinkles which has the approval of the Ministry of Health of Romania.

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The Botox brand comes from the botulinum toxin syntagm.

For many of us the information about the botulinum toxin is limited to the aggressiveness that it has to the muscles, producing their paralysis, in case of body infection. Despite this, modern medicine allows us to use the botulinum toxin, and in the aesthetic field, in extremely reduced quantities, well controlled doses and following a laboratory process through which the molecule of the toxin s highly purified.

Initially the therapeutic indications of Botox® were restricted to neurological and ophthalmological treatments to treat muscle spasms and strabismus.

Researchers have concluded that 2500-3000 units of toxin are needed so that it can be lethal for people, and in cosmetic purposes only 75 units of Botox® are usually used. These studies have made the patients to gain confidence in the Botox injection procedure.

Botox or rejuvenation injections

The face of each of us irreversibly changes over time because of the action of the harmful factors to which the skin is exposed every day but also because of the genetic heritage that each of us has received.

With age, the skin loses water and elasticity and implicitly its beauty and fineness. Because of the hormonal changes that the body is exposed to with age, the epidermal collagen also reduces causing the aging of the skin and the apparition of wrinkles. Besides these unavoidable factors, alimentation, stress, faulty skin care contribute to the acceleration of the skin aging process.

Also, the moods and emotions that you experience, laughter, frowning, crying, leave obvious expression wrinkles on your face. The lines that appear between our eyebrows are actually a result of the continuous movement of the facial muscles.


Indications: How is it treated, how does it work?

VISTABEL is indicated in the temporary amelioration of the vertical wrinkle lines, moderate to severe, between the eyebrows, observed when frowning at adults under 65.

VISTABEL is a myorelaxant with peripheral action and acts by blocking the nerve impulses directed towards all the muscles in which it has been injected. This prevents muscle contraction leading to a reversible temporary paralysis.

How is the procedure done?

Normally, the procedure does not last more than 20 minutes and after injection there is no need for a recovery period of time. The medical office can be left immediately after the procedure, but it is recommended that the patient not lie down or bend over for 4 hours after the treatment, not massage the treated areas or not make any physical effort for 24 hours.

But it is indicated the voluntary contraction of the injected muscles (slight movements of frowning, forehead wrinkling, closing and opening of the eyes), which accelerates the installation of the wanted effect.

Possible side/ adverse temporary effects

Adverse reactions are rare and are not dangerous. Headaches, possible eyebrow or eyelid “dropping”, blurred vision or the paralysis of other muscles than the aimed ones. Many of these possible effects disappear a few days after the procedure.

ALLERGAN has brought VISTABEL ® – THE BOTULINUM TOXIN INJECTIONS in Romania as well. Every year, thousands of patients receive the botulinum toxin treatment for multiple problems, but for the past 10 years it has become a popular treatment for treating aging signs.

Millions of patients all over the world have been therapeutically treated with Botox/Vistabel® for the past 20 years, and ALLERGAN has honoured the commitment made to them by supplying quality products.

If you want to get rid of certain wrinkles or simply correct certain features or imperfections and after the previously done tests which indicate no interdictions, it is very easy.

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